Thank you!!!

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We wanted to take a moment to say a big ***THANK YOU!!*** to all who have taken the time in the last few weeks to peruse our new website and give us so much feed-back and encouragement!!

Many of you have praised it’s ease of use and attractive presentation! Thank you!! ^^^Kove Web Design^^^ has done a great job in creating the website and updating it for us one little detail at a time!

Some of you have asked us for a map of the delivery area and we are currently working on adding this.

Many of you (we know) miss the shop. We haven’t forgotten about it but it will take a little more time to make the inventory and add pictures. In the meantime don’t hesitate to message us and let us know if there is a specific product you like to purchase as we probably will have it in stock!!

Last (but certainly not least!!) we are thrilled that you like our new LUNCH and SALAD menus! We will be adding and changing up dishes as more fruits (MANGOOO!!!) salad items (AVOCADOOO!!) and vegetables come into season!! So keep an eye on our daily specials which you will find on the facebook page!! Make sure to give us a “LIKE” if you haven’t done so already!!

Today we are making a special birthday cake for a 70th birthday celebration!! It’s our **CHOCOLATE LOVERS SPECIAL** It’s made with a whopping 3 pounds of organic 70% Chocolate!!

We hope you are enjoying your day is much as WE are!!

Love & Hugs from the

~Chocolate girls~



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