Hello, my name is Corinna…and I am a bake-aholic!

In fact, I have been one since I was tall enough to stand on a chair next to my mother by the stove. By the time I was 24, I opened my first coffee shop – and I have never looked back.

These days, I am able to combine my love for baking and cooking with my love for the country I now call home: Dominican Republic.

What’s not to love about being able to bake and create with the bountiful local ingredients?

Each of our dishes contain only the freshest and highest quality ingredients – and this is how we do it:
• Our cacao and coffee is grown in the nearby mountains and made by local communities into chocolate products.
• We only use fresh, locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables
• We support small farmers and foundations which are helping to improve the quality of life in smaller communities
• Each of our artisan products that you will find in our online shop are made locally with love and care.

So why are we now online?

Moving our business online was the next logical step in our continual quest to grow with our Cabarete community.
We all have busy lives. Why not order your morning coffee, healthy lunch or birthday gift online and have it delivered to your doorstep promptly.

(Did we mention FREE delivery?)

We are always here and listening. Call us or contact us via our website.